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Although english site has been created some time ago, vast majority of it has been automatically translated from polish using Google Translator. Some items may still be displayed in polish - this will be fixed soon. I ask you for your understanding and a little more patience :-) I will try as soon as possible to remove all errors and inaccuracies.

Piloting the RC model with a camera on board, which allows you to soar through the ai r without taking his feet off the ground, is a unique experience. People who have not experienced it, may only enjoy the uniqueness eye views that the HD camera recorded. Sometimes, however, this recording is not enough - we also need to record what the FPV camera sees and what the OSD displays. That is why I created the FPV Recorder, although its functionality is far beyond the mere recording and viewing video.

15/3/2013:We're alive and still working ! :-)

I had a lot of personal and business affairs last months and this is why the site was not updated. Some of you asked me by mail if the project is dead. No, it is not. Project definitely is not dead and long-waited update is near to be published. I have to test it thoroughly to be sure it works as expected. There is a little problem with converting 4:3 to 16:9, to fit most modern computer screens and avoid vertical black bars. To be precise - conversion works like a charm, but requires CPU power in excess. Fortunately I'm near to solve this. For now I have to finish some things in the business area, but after that I will have much more time to further develop FPV Recorder. And to fly... ;-)

29/5/2012: Moved to new server

I've just moved the entire site to the new, better and faster server. This is why this site was unavailable last days. Sorry :-)

6/3/2012: Example recordings

You can see example, real-world videos that has been recorded by FPV Recorder. Please keep in mind that FPV Recorder does not suffer from "blue screen" issue. It will still display/record video that is feed to the video input of your video grabber. Even it is only a noise. You can see the examples at the bottom of the "Features" page.

5/3/2012: Good bye, winter ! Let's start new season :-)

Looks like winter is over, so it is time to start a new season of FPV experience. It is also a time to resume the program development. So please be patient, new version is coming soon. Among some new features regarding video, Mikrokopter telemetry monitoring and recording will be added.

10/12/2011: Update is available

I have just made available a new version of FPV Recorder, that you can directly download here. When I finish translation, more information will be available in "Download" section.

9/12/2011: English website

FPV Recorder has been translated into English, and therefore it became necessary to create English-language website. Because the program can be easily translated into any other language, perhaps soon will appear more language versions and the corresponding Web pages. Please be patient while I correct the language errors on these pages. If you want to help me, you will find my email address in the footer. If you want to have FPV Recorder was also published in your language, please write to me.

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